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Tour Highlights

From Nairobi, Kenya to Dar- es - Salaam in Tanzania or back to Back.

One of the most interesting thing is, activities involved, feel, see, do it

Every age group qualifies, as long as you are fit to cycle around 50km per day

We only cycle on stretches that are safe and good for everyone

Please remember that this is a guide only and due to unforeseen circumstances it may be necessary to make changes to the itinerary

Room upgrades are at your own cost and are subject to availability.

School visits.

The local schools are East Africa is very different to what we are used to in the western world.

We have established a relationship with a school along our route which we try to visit on every tour and help in a small way with practical gifts etc. 11-13 days cycling, 90% Dirt roads ranging from rough and rocky to mud and dust to paved, Some off road experience preferred.

From 25km to 90km per day, 100% vehicle supported.


2 Game parks, Amboseli (Kenya) and Ngorongoro Crater (Tanzania) included

Useful info is distances are Nairobi to Amboseli - 140k, to Arusha 271km, Arusha to Ngorongoro is 167km, and Mombo/Korogwe to Lushoto is 40/67km, Korogwe-Dar 310km.



What you are going to pass through in this route are the following

Cycling away from busy roads and main tourist routes you are going to experience a different face of Africa, with local villages and traditional tribesmen, breath taking scenery and wildlife grazing on the plains.

The trip travels through open savannah, desert, mountain rainforest and tropical coastline.

Follow the foothills of Mt Kilimanjaro with its snow-covered peaks and camp in the wilderness under a cloudless African sky.

Game viewing in Amboseli National Park and Ngorongoro Crater, with the largest concentration of plains game anywhere in the world, gives you the wildlife experience that East Africa is famous for.

Enjoy a day hike and visit a local school in the unspoilt Usambara Mountains.





ITINERARY for 16 Days



Arrive in Nairobi, free day. Airport transfers can be arranged. Alternatively taxis are available outside the airport, approx $USD 30 to the Hotel/campsite where we meet you for a pre departure meeting at 5pm. Honeybadger Tours will



We take a short drive out to the surrounding plains. From here we begin biking on undulating tarmac and dirt roads through the African savannah.


A fairly gentle day of approx 25kms to ease us into the saddle brings us to an ostrich farm where we camp for the night.



Heading away from civilization we bike on dirt roads towards Amboseli National Park, meeting up with Masaai tribesmen and various plains game along the way before spending the night under the clear African sky in the open bush.


Approx 22kms cycling.



We continue cycle on dirt roads and tracks to Amboseli National Park, renowned for its huge herds of elephant and stunning views of Mt Kilimanjaro, and finish the day with a short game drive into the park to the campsite.


Approx 50kms cycling.



With an early start we spend the morning on a game drive through Amboseli. Leaving the park after lunch we cycle across the dry bed of Lake Amboseli and around the lower slopes of Mt Kilimanjaro to camp in the shadow of this massive mountain.


Approx 25kms cycling.


Distance between Nairobi and Amboseli National Park is 140Km



A relaxed morning gives us the chance to visit a Masaai Manyatta, (village) and experience their traditional culture and lifestyle. We continue cycling around the lower slopes of Mt Meru and Mt Kilimanjaro towards the Tanzanian border.


Approx 45kms cycling.



After crossing through the Kenya/Tanzania border we drive on towards Arusha, the safari capital of East Africa, then back on our bikes and you choose between the paved road or dirt roads and tracks for.


Approx 25kms to the Mesarani Snake Park.



A full day of paved roads to really stretch out the legs as we bike away from Arusha. We again encounter Masaai tribesmen herding their cattle and some plains game. The afternoon brings us to Mto Wa Mbu, a small town at the foot of the Rift Valley escarpment.
Explore the town and visit local craft markets.


Approx 89kms cycling. (Upgrades rooms available*)



With an early start we drive into the Ngorongoro Crater, a natural Garden of Eden, and spend the day game viewing with the highest concentration of plains game in Africa, Returning to Arusha in the evening.


DAY 10

Leaving Arusha we drive heading towards the coast, driving south past Kilimanjaro and the huge wide open spaces of the Masaai Steppe.


We finish the day with a 40km ride to a secluded campsite on the banks of a quiet meandering river.


DAY 11

Climbing away from the plains we head up into the Usambara Mountains, driving up for the main climb then cycle on towards Lushoto, an old colonial town nestled high in the mountains. From here we cycle up to a viewpoint overlooking the endless plains below then continue further into the mountains to camp at a rustic colonial lodge.


Irene disabled center, it is Lutheran center and has a lot with historical issues like Germany Empire.


(Upgrades to rooms available*).


Approx 45kms cycling.


DAY 12

A well earned rest day for those who wish to do a hike into the stunning Usambara Mountains. with unspoilt forests and views that go on forever. Here we have a chance to visit with a local school.


Irene disabled center, it is Lutheran center and has a lot with historical issues like Germany Empire.


(Upgrades to rooms available)


DAY 13

“The ultimate day”, coming down from the Mighty highlands to Mombo ; cycling further into these beautiful mountains we pass through pristine rainforest and village farmland. This is an area that rarely, if ever gets visited by travelers and the welcome and response we receive from the local population is fantastic. After a relaxed lunch you have the choice of 2 routes back down, then a gentle 14kms of scenic winding tarmac to get us back down to the plains below. (Upgrades to rooms available*).



DAY 14

With the tropical coastline as our goal we bike along a little used dirt road, through sleepy palm lined villages, to meet the Indian Ocean at Bagamoyo. This small historic town right on the coast is at the end of what once was the major slave and trading route through East Africa. We camp at a lodge right on the beach.


Approx 65kms cycling.
(Upgrades to rooms available*)


DAY 15

We bike through old Bagamoyo town then follow the coastal road to Dar es Salaam “Haven of peace”. A quick check of the local fish market to choose our dinner then a last gentle ride along the coast to our campsite, arriving in time to enjoy a swim in the Indian Ocean.


Approx 25kms cycling.


DAY 16

If you are flying out today we can arrange a transfer to the airport or to your hotel if you are staying on in Dar es Salaam.
If you are staying on in Africa, beach bungalow accommodation and Zanzibar island trips can be arranged.


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