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Honeybadger Responsible Tourism

This product of tourism that tries to make everyone get involved in accepting social and environmental responsibilities towards where, which society, and making changes in business practices to improve sustainability performance. This commitment is encapsulated in the principle of (CSR), which guides sustainability actions for business and communities we operate from. The World Business Council for Sustainable Development defines (CSR) as a commitment by businesses. (EI) should be as minimal as possible to places we visit.

Honeybadger take this as number one move to drive of the tourism business, as this reduces conflict zones of communities living close to, attractions be it historical, Mt climbing places, National Parks or the ones on the road leading to Parks by just enjoying to dust as tourist pass by without a say and a contribution to the non respected natural resources.

A good downstream effect does not need any further explanation, at the same time you would have contributed to the betterment of a community & environment conservation.

Participate in voluntary work in school has been the best option, enhancing cultural sharing and cultural exchange between schools, universities, local authorities and a people to a people.

Honeybadger Tours have enough experience and time to share with you what was happening before we embarked on this strong drive. We have found it reasonable to grant this opportunity to serve any communities, schools, students, village projects of which they have to foresee as we link them, for them, and with them. Just book your group or family tour with the intention for a responsible tour in Zimbabwe & Tanzania. Remember there are people still not managing a single dollar per day.

We can connect you to either individuals, groups, churches, social organizations, business class and friends without borders.

What we are doing now is for students to go to school in the places we can. Selecting not more than 4 eligible students from one school in a district in Nyanga where we are starting this in eastern Zimbabwe. Working closely with Village Care in Tanzania & Zimbabwe these are AIDS related victims’ families. Willing to cover some more grounds but this cannot be without a hand from you all who wish to see begging reduced to zero in the near future. Having your holiday with us you choose to support you student direct or through our Foundation which you are allowed to view and set conditions for what you feel should be done on your money.

Schools where we are taking students to secondary schools are Nyatondo Primary school, Nyabezi Primary School , Shiri Primary School, Bende Primary School these are all in Nyanga district and we pay direct to schools what remains is students to be in class.

Irrigation Projects by giving out seeds, helping to grow and find markets for the farm produces. As we encourage hard work complacency leads into revoking of services. It is our responsibility to see that where we come from and where we enjoy our services are all happy to help protect what we would like to share for life with coming generations as have enjoyed it today.

Go responsible tourism, go wildlife protection, move forward to make everyone happy in different ways and different stages.

Go Green !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Honeybadger Responsibility Tourism to your Visited Areas.

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