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Honeybadger Pricing for yours intended activities while on our Tours/ Holiday

Honeybadger Tours and Safaris has its charges as per lined up sequence, this will be a breakdown of what you might pay for at a time depending on what you will be doing on a holiday.

Vehicles (safaris open roof car, Overland trucks, city min-bus, self drive cars)

Vehicles are charged per day or per whole trip and this will range from 79USD to 300USD/ day; this will be per unit vehicle charge. There is charge of driver guide with translator if there is a need from English to other languages, fuel and insurance on the above rates. Pax there present will have to share this charge.

Meals (BB, HB, FB, Self catering, company chief)

Charges will depend of which type of safari one books for; however per day will range from 10USd to 25USD, governed by any special meals dishes, local hotels charges are within this range too.

Tents (campsite charges, camping equipment)

Charges depend on where one is, countries, places, inside park area, security provided, sharing a tent, luxury tent services with stretcher beds, mattress on the ground, camp assistant will be from 5USd to 25USD/ night

Hotels (local hostels, guest houses, 3to5stars Hotels)

Our recommendation will be the best as some of these places turn to have many fluctuations year in and year out, services might be the same as you read in the Lonely Plant, Solomon, after we have our hotels we do contracts with for your cheaper payments. However you budget will guide you on a choice, location, reason of booking there. These will be from 20USD to 700USD / night / client or per room.

Game and any Entry fees (park fees, museums entry, crater fees, and conservation fees)

National Parks will have almost the same entry fees , while game parks have different fees, conservation fees also depends with places one will be, payment will be for car , per person , pay for the guide to enter as well, need for a full lecture. Charges are from 20USD/person /12hrs game drive to 200USD conservation fees per car/entry or 24hrs.

Transfers/ Balloon Safaris (boat, flight, car, public buses, self drive)

Charge on most of these services are privately owned so one might just charge any fee, we do not have control on this exceptional of recommendations of a best service. Charges are / hr /distance Number of people in a unit these from 20USd to 200USD depending on what you need to do at a time.

Helicopter flights (0ver Victoria Falls, sightseeing places)

To view some places it will be recommended for you to use micro flights over places to see and enjoy the areas. This is mostly in Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe), Okavango Delta (Botswana) Mohale Dam (Lesotho) charges are from 70USd to 170USD /flight in 30mins or more.

River Canoeing & water Rafting/Boat House in Kariba (river guides, canoe, and time to spend in water, local, fishing)

Charges will depend on time to be spend, how many people in one Mokolo, river guide, security, one way down stream or upstream this will be not less than 30USD / hr/ group/ or otherwise , rafting is 40USD to 100USD/ period/ group

Mt Climbing (days on climb, Mt Kilimanjaro, Mt Meru, Inyangani Mt, hiking, Udzungwa, Chimanimani, Uluguru)

There are different routes to climb any mountain to a specific places, days to be spent, services provided, transfer to the climb, after climb partying events, camping equipment, porters, guides, water, food, insurances. Days far from 1day to 11days depending on the mountain one chooses. Charges are from 30USD to 1250USD/ person / trip.

Cultural Activities (tribal fist, cultural rituals, fortune tellers, traditional healing services, traditional dances, rainmaking activities, traditional courts hearing)

These happily services and events are mostly charged per group or per event and does not have a fixed unit , at times you will be required to just witness without a payment and your donation will be greatly appreciated. However at some places you must pay for it to be done since the days you arrive might not correspond with events so if you ask for it there is a payment. A budget of 10USD per person will be enough but in the event of any changes we will advise you early before you embark of this tours.

Zanzibar beaches, Recreational Parks, Speed Boating, Swimming with elephants, park walking safaris, night game drives, walking with Lions, Horse riding, Golf, Rock climbing, craft and gift gathering, village hunting expeditions

All these have different charges depending on which country you at that time from the ones we operate from , however prices do not vary so much from activities to places from 20USD to 175USD one can enjoy one of these events. Personal feelings determine ones spending.

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