Honeybadger Tours fills you with feelings of “House of Stones” Zimbabwe Expedition

The very best of Zimbabwe

It is unique; an entire African experience in one country. Stand mesmerized at the greatest natural wonder of them all, the spectacular Victoria Falls. View lion, leopard, wild dog and enormous herds of elephant in the world famous Hwange National Park. Crash headlong down the mighty Zambezi’s seething rapids and trek through the mountains of Eastern Highlands. Indulge in some gentle game cruising in style on Lake Kariba. Re – live ancient cultures at Great Zimbabwe and search for rhino, the elusive leopard and ancient Bushmen painting at the Matobo National Park.

A Seventeen – day whirlwind of adventure that will leave you anxious to return to sample the other wonders of Southern Africa.

Day 1: Victoria falls

Most people arrive a few days early to enjoy Victoria Falls. View the falls as you wander through the rainforest that is created from the spray of a million litres of water crashing every second into the boiling pot below. There are a multitude of other activities to be sampled. Your hotel is within walking distance from the falls and the centre of town

Day 2 - 3: Hwange National Park

Named after a local Nhanzwa chief, Hwange National Park is the largest park in Zimbabwe occupying roughly 14 650square kilometres. Home to 400 bird species and 105 species of mammals including the “Big Five”. Once the royal hunting grounds to the Ndebele warrior-king Mzilikazi, Hwange was set aside as a National Park in 1929. We accommodate ourselves on the edge of the Park and after check in we visit the Hwange Wild Dog project. These endangered animals are in constant threat from disease and conflict for habitat and our visit allows us to learn something of the efforts being made to protect these friendly animals. We take an evening game drive in an adjacent game concession area, searching for a variety of nocturnal animals including the elusive leopard. We spend time the following day game driving in the national park!!

Day 4 – 5: Matobo National Park “City of Kings”

The rocks that form the Matopos Hills are over billions years old make them some of the oldest on earth. Mzilikazi-the Zulu warlord and founder of the Ndebele nation gave them the name matopo, meaning bald head. This perfectly describes the unforgettable landscape of granite humpbacks and balancing rocks that Matobo National Park is so famous for. You will spend a full day with a professional guide searching for rhino, viewing the grave of Cecil John Rhodes and ancient Bushmen paintings. Your Lodge is on the edge of the Matobo Park, surrounded by granite kopjes and African bush.

Day 6 – 7: Antelope Park Private Game Reserve

Heading for Zimbabwe’s central plateau we come to the town of Gweru and the Antelope Park Private Game Reserve. The reserve is home to numerous antelope species, as well as zebra and giraffe. We can enjoy various (optional) activities here including game drives or walks, elephant back riding, river cruise, horse riding, or – the undoubted highlight – the opportunity to “Walk with Lions”.


Day 8: Great Zimbabwe

This ancient stone city spans an area of 720 hectares and gave the modern nation of Zimbabwe its name. This is the largest stone structure in Africa after the pyramids. The entire city was built using individually shaped and placed stones creating walls 2 - 3 metres thick and up to 10 - 11 metres high. Take a guided tour and discover the secrets of the towers and passageways. Your hotel is close to the Zimbabwe Ruins.

Day 9- 10: Eastern Highlands “The jewel of the East”

We continue our travels to the stunning Eastern Highlands and the Vumba Botanical Garden and Nyanga mountains ranges. These mountains form a natural border with Mozambique and are reminiscent of the Scottish Highlands. A mixture of rolling green hills and rugged outcrops topped with thick forest, lakes and crystal clear streams. Lodge accommodation in the mountains.

Day 11 – 12: Sunshine City – Harare

Harare is the capital city of Zimbabwe. Relax at your lodge or explore the many shops, restaurants, museums and colourful African markets.

Day 13: Lake Kariba

Zimbabwe is a landlocked country, yet it still has its own coastline playground in the form of the inland sea, Lake Kariba. With a surface area of 5000 square kilometres, it is the world’s third largest man-made lake. This is a wilderness area, teeming with game. Wandering elephant and buffalo can often be seen along the lakeshore.

Day 14 – 15: Houseboat Cruising on Lake Kariba

One of the biggest attractions of the lake are the famed Tiger Fish whose striking tiger stripes, razor sharp teeth and fighting strength challenge the sturdiest of anglers. The legendary “houseboats” are more like floating lodges, fully serviced with crew. Combining the abundance of wildlife including hippo, crocodile, elephant, buffalo and lion with cry of the fish eagle and the ghostly trees protruding from the water, this surely must be the highlight of the “Great Zimbabwe”.

Day 16 – 17: Victoria Falls

We travel back to Victoria Falls via Zambia. Your last chance to try all those activities. Your tour ends here unless you are heading off on another wild adventure.

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