Honeybadger’s 18 days of Safari/Holiday private route


Dar _ Usambara Highlands _Arusha_ Massai campsite _Ngorongoro Crater _Serengeti National Park _Lake Tarangire National Park_ Kondoa Rock paintings _Dodoma _Ruaha National Park _ Udzungwa Mountains _Mikumi National Park _ Dar town



DAY Dar es Salaam

Pick up from the local hotel and gives us a chance to move towards the north end of the country in a tar marked road , passing through some spectacular geographical makes and cool temperatures start to be experienced here. Our drive will be not as fast as we give each other a chance to enjoy the good view. Maybe having stops after every 50kms.arriving in the Usambara place at sunset to enjoy the cool freeze over a dinner that is hot and sliced starters.

Day2 Usambara MT

Spend the whole day exploring the helical place with the interest to meet the locals and the much talked of mysterious places and beliefs.it will be time to just relax and feel other side of the Tanzania much respected and producer of fruits.

Day 3 Transit Arusha

After a cool and early morning bath we take to the move towards Arusha town, this touristic town is a much respected for its control and handling of most of Tanzania’s tourism being the hub of it all since tourism was commercialized here. Our night will be a cultural one with the stay at Massai village where we will have a chance to meet the strict conditions of how this tribe lives and has managed to overcome the modern life advancement up to date.

Day 4, 5, 6 Serengeti / Ngorongoro crater

This the most of all and much awaited by many people as it take us in to the Ngorongoro Crater and the much known of all Serengeti National Park. It will be a good experience for everyone as it makes the life and historical place of the early humanity of record in the Olduvia Gorge. Drive in the plains and the crater is one experience one will never like to miss. Almost all the big five are at disposable in the crater. Nevertheless, most common is the wild beast and the hyenas.

Day 7 Arusha

Drive from Arusha to Lake Tarangire which is on the way to Kondoa and this is the best time of the viewing the animals as they squat for the thirst killer. After a game drive, we proceed to Kondoa for an overnight in the arid and hot places of the central Tanzania.

Day8 Kondoa

Wake up in the semi-arid conditions to a clear day of walking to see the marks of the early humanities in the reading of rock painting and other protected artifacts still there and managed by the antiquities. Overnight in the cultural and spares villages around with a night fire.

Day9 Dodoma

Out of this place, we travel to the capital city of Tanzania, which is located in the central region of the country. We shack off the dust and have a night in the electrical lines of town life downing the wise waters for those who do face the challenge. For others it will be time to take a deep and early sleep to long bath from the Kondoa places.

Day 10, 11 Ruaha National Park

We take to the best national park today in Tanzania, now it is the biggest one. Good game drive should give us rear and meaning full results in all aspects of see lots of animals and easy to note are the big five. Visit cultural places and meeting the tribes close in to this national park.

Day 12 Udzungwa

Our tour now takes us to the rear and beautiful Udzungwa Mt, better known as the endemic palace, from primates to chameleons, to birds all have endemic records here. Short hiking to Sanje Falls, while overnight at Twiga Hotel in the fringes of the park or the Mbega Resort in the distance towards Kilombero Valley

Day 13 Mikumi Dar es Salaam

Kill our way towards Mikumi national park that is well dissected by a national high way and we do not usually stop here but pass through but you have great chances to see most of the present animals in this park, as we drive past. We head to Dar for a night at Kigamboni beach.

Day 14, 15, 16, 17 Zanzibar

Zanzibar will be our new home doing everything possible from Jozani Forest to slave chambers and Dolphins to anything one might need to do. There after we had back to Dar es Salaam for the departure, but from our experience, most people will stay in Zanzibar for longer on their own request and expense.


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